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Pauquette Adoption Services (PAS) is an adoption agency licensed by the State of Wisconsin to provide adoption services throughout the entire State of Wisconsin. PAS provides the full range of adoption services including parent education, home study, assistance in placing children in need of adoptive families in stable, loving homes, post-placement services, and birth parent services. We will assist with agency adoptions, parent-initiated, international agency-initiated, and independent adoptions. Our staff consists of culturally competent social workers with years of experience in adoption.
Pauquette Children's Services has united over 2,700 children with families since it was founded in 1982.


Infants and children of all ages and racial backgrounds are in the need of loving families. Prospective adoptive parents are able to specify the age, ethnic background, health, number of children, and sometimes gender of the child they believe they are most prepared to parent.


Couples between the ages of 21 and 50 who have been married for at least one year and singles who are between the ages of 25 and 50 may apply for our adoption programs.  Most programs do not have infertility or family size requirements.  Pauquette has no religious requirements.  A home study completed by Pauquette Adoption Services is current for one year or until placement of a child.  If a child is not placed in the home in that time, Pauquette will continue to update the study at no additional cost.


There is no waiting list for the home study which is usually completed within four to eight weeks.  The home study consists of an initial group informational meeting with other prospective parents, followed by separate, in-depth interviews with each couple in our office and in your home.  At the same time you are undergoing the home study process, you will be compiling documents required for your adoption.  Post placement services are provided to families for the purposes of successfully transitioning the child into the family and offering adoptive parents nurturing support as they begin the journey of family.  Court reports are submitted and the legal adoption of your child is completed.


Informational meetings regarding our programs are held every month at our office in Portage.  Check the News & Events Page (or call our office) for the next scheduled meeting date.  If you are interested in attending one of these meetings, please call our office to register.  There is no fee for attending informational meetings.